About MTI Wireless


At MTI Wireless, we empower businesses with reliable, customized, and secure wireless monitoring solutions. Our goal is to optimize performance and prevent unexpected equipment downtime. As a trusted integrator for Banner wireless products, we commit to delivering unparalleled expertise, technical capability, and ongoing support. We ensure seamless integration with existing systems across various industries. Driven by innovation, collaboration, and excellence, we aim to lead the wireless monitoring industry, safeguarding critical processes and maximizing profitability for our customers.


Our vision is to become the global leader in wireless monitoring and integration, redefining industry standards of excellence. We strive to transform how businesses manage and maintain critical equipment through cutting-edge technologies and tailored solutions. Dedicated to customer success, we aim to build a safer, more efficient, and sustainable future for organizations worldwide. We foster growth and drive positive change across the industries we serve.

Trusted Integrator

MTI Wireless is a trusted integrator for Banner wireless products, offering a wide range of customized solutions for wireless monitoring and analysis. Here’s why you should consider MTI Wireless:

  • Expertise: Extensive expertise in wireless data monitoring, analysis, and industrial automation systems.
  • Technical Capability: Our team of experienced engineers and technicians have the skills necessary to properly install, configure, and maintain wireless sensor systems.
  • Customization: We provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, working closely to understand your requirements.
  • Integration: Experience in integrating wireless sensor systems with existing equipment and systems.
  • Ongoing Support: Offering ongoing support and training, ensuring effective use of wireless sensor systems.

MTI Wireless and Banner

MTI Wireless and Banner Wireless differ in their roles and capabilities. While Banner Wireless designs and manufactures hardware, MTI Wireless implements and installs the hardware using expertise and field knowledge. We develop custom scripts and hardware configurations, allowing for multiple sensors in various register ranges. Our close relationship with Banner Wireless and access to their development team enables us to provide better customer support for unique installs.

Partnering with Banner Wireless, we provide high-quality equipment to our customers. Although Banner Wireless is primarily a parts manufacturer, MTI Wireless leverages their equipment to offer monitoring services with over 40 years of industry experience. We understand why electro-mechanical equipment works and fails, aiming to keep your equipment running at its best.

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