MTI Wireless BlogGetting Started with Condition-Based Monitoring

Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) is central to modern maintenance strategies. MTI Wireless, backed by over 25 years of CBM expertise, along with Motor Technology Inc.’s 40-year legacy, stands as a robust alliance for your CBM initiatives.

Taking The First Step
Kickstart your CBM journey with MTI Wireless. Our offering includes a complimentary 2-week demo where we install a DXM controller and four sensors on a chosen equipment piece. We initiate monitoring via the MTI CDS website, establishing a baseline for your equipment and defining crucial warning and alarm parameters. For instance, one company saved $20,000 in product wastage during the demo period.

Our Expertise: Your Asset
The real essence of our service lies in our collaborative approach. Unlike many Wireless CBM providers who stop at merely alerting you of parameter breaches, we engage in a collaborative diagnostic journey, offering actionable insights while educating you along the way.

A Legacy of Excellence
Motor Technology Inc., our parent company, amplifies our service spectrum. As a full-service motor shop with over 40 years in business, they are poised to assist with any repair, rebuild, or purchase you may need. Their dedicated field service team is a call away, ready to bolster your operations when manpower or resources are stretched thin.

Understanding the Basics
  • Principles of CBM: Monitoring enables real-time data collection, analysis fosters an understanding of equipment health, and proactive maintenance helps avoid unforeseen breakdowns.
  • WCBM Technology: Wireless technology facilitates seamless real-time data collection and monitoring, reducing the need for manual checks and enabling prompt reaction to potential issues.

Benefits of CBM
  • Early Problem Detection: Detecting issues early can prevent costly repairs and downtime.
  • Efficient Maintenance Planning: By understanding equipment health, maintenance can be planned efficiently, reducing operational costs and enhancing productivity.

Embarking on a CBM journey with MTI’s Wireless Condition-Based Monitoring solutions significantly augments your operational efficiency. Coupled with the extended support from Motor Technology Inc., you are not merely adopting a monitoring solution, but gaining a long-term partner committed to your operational excellence. Contact MTI for a tailored WCBM solution meeting your unique requirements.