Understanding Wireless Condition Based Monitoring

How WCBM Works

WCBM utilizes wireless sensors attached to the monitored equipment, collecting data on parameters like temperature, vibration, and other physical aspects. This data is wirelessly transmitted to a cloud-based system, where it is analyzed by our software and expert analysts to identify anomalies or deviations from standard behavior.

Advantages of WCBM

The benefits of employing WCBM include:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs

By identifying potential issues before they escalate, maintenance teams can schedule servicing more efficiently, avoid unforeseen shutdowns, and reduce the costs associated with emergency repairs and lost production.

MTI Wireless Assists you in Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring with MTI Wireless

WCBM provides real-time monitoring of critical equipment, enabling early issue detection that could impact safety or cause environmental damage. This technology lessens the need for manual inspections, allowing maintenance teams to focus on more complex tasks.

Our Monitoring Process

Our monitoring process at MTI Wireless begins with a thorough site survey and equipment identification, understanding that every client has unique needs. Proper sensor placement on the equipment is crucial for effective monitoring.

We set initial alarms using ISO standards, adjusting them based on trending data from the equipment to minimize false positives and ensure early notification of equipment upward trends. This approach aids in catching failures before they become catastrophic, and educates the client on the importance of proper balancing, alignment, and overall maintenance to reduce costs.

Analyzing Alarms and Data

We examine individual alarms and analyze other sensors on the equipment to understand why it is in alarm. By analyzing the data, we can identify imbalances, base issues, bearing failures, and other problems, providing your maintenance team a starting point. We also prioritize issues, informing you if they can wait until the next maintenance period or require immediate attention.

Detailed Insights with MTI Wireless

We compile all this information and relay it to the equipment’s contact, explaining what we believe to be the problem and the initial steps required to resolve it. Our analytical approach offers our clients detailed and actionable insights into their equipment, enabling proactive steps to prevent equipment failures and reduce maintenance costs.

Contact MTI Wireless to learn more about our Wireless Condition-Based Monitoring services and how we can assist you in monitoring your equipment effectively.