Site Survey

At MTI Wireless, we conduct thorough site surveys to understand your unique monitoring needs and ensure a successful implementation of our wireless condition-based monitoring solutions. Our site survey process is designed to identify and prioritize your most critical equipment, ensuring effective and reliable monitoring.

Initial Preparation

Before we visit your site, we will engage in a discussion to understand your objectives, the type of equipment you operate, and any existing monitoring systems. This initial preparation helps us tailor the site survey to meet your specific needs.

Site survey by MTI Wireless Monitoring

On-Site Assessment

Our expert team will visit your site to conduct a detailed assessment. During this phase, we will:

  • Identify your most critical equipment
  • Assess the condition and location of equipment
  • Determine the best placement for wireless sensors
  • Evaluate any potential challenges and how to overcome them

Equipment Inspection

We inspect each piece of critical equipment to understand its operational parameters and identify the most relevant data to collect for effective monitoring.

Post-Survey Report

After the site survey, we provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings, recommendations for sensor placement, and a customized monitoring solution tailored to your needs. This report serves as the blueprint for implementing a successful monitoring system.

Get Started Today

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