Start Small, Scale Quickly

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of implementing a full-scale monitoring system? Welcome to our ‘Start Small, Scale Quickly’ approach. Our comprehensive site survey ensures that we understand your unique needs, both immediate and future.

Start Small, Scale Quickly?

Our flexible solutions adapt to your needs. Based on a list of equipment provided by you, our site survey results in a customized quote that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re focusing on a single piece of critical equipment or an area of your facility.

The Site Survey
  • Customer-Provided Equipment List: We start with a list of equipment you provide, focusing first on your most critical assets.

  • Identifying Critical Equipment: Our expert team conducts a thorough site survey to identify your most critical equipment based on your list.

  • Risk Mitigation: Our survey helps you identify and prioritize risks, ensuring that your most critical assets are monitored first.

  • Future-Proofing: The survey also considers your future needs and any planned expansions or upgrades, allowing us to build a comprehensive wireless backbone that makes future expansions painless and easy.

  • Customized Solutions: We provide a customized quote that can focus on your most critical equipment first, allowing for future expansion as your needs and budget grow.

Start small, scale quickly with MTI Wireless Monitoring
Free Site Survey and Demo as a Proof of Concept

Our site survey is free of charge, and we offer a demo on your equipment that contains 4 sensors for up to 2 weeks free of charge. Use this opportunity as a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the system’s capabilities and benefits.

Leverage Data for Future Projects

Once you purchase a starter system, the data collected and potential failures detected can serve as a compelling Proof of Concept to secure internal funding for larger projects.

Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Why Start Small?: Starting with your most critical equipment allows for a lower initial investment and quicker ROI. It also simplifies the budget approval process.

  • Immediate Benefits: By focusing on your most critical assets first, you could see an ROI in as little as three months.

Get Started Today

Contact us for a comprehensive site survey and receive a customized quote that can be scaled to fit your current budget and critical needs. Act now and take advantage of our limited-time free consultation offer. With our ‘Start Small, Scale Quickly’ approach, you can expand your system over time by adding more sensors.