MTI Wireless Case StudyRevitalizing Legacy Ovens: A Snap Signal Case Study

At Motor Technology Inc., the challenge of monitoring the temperature of a rewind bake oven was confined to an on-site Human Machine Interface (HMI). A critical incident occurred when the oven exceeded the preset temperature, causing damage to the parts being baked, which underscored the need for a more sophisticated monitoring solution.

MTI decided to retrofit the oven with a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) connected to a Banner Wireless Snap Signal converter S15C-RTD-MQ. This setup transmitted data to a DXMR90 , which then relayed the information to the MTI Wireless CDS website, enabling real-time remote monitoring.

MTI established threshold warnings and alarms to notify designated individuals via email and text if the temperatures crossed preset limits. This initial setup served as a test system, with plans to extend the solution to three additional ovens. The new setup also integrated a physical light and audio alarm to signal when temperatures exceeded thresholds, enhancing on-site awareness.

Snap Signal Integration:
The Snap Signal technology seamlessly integrated with the existing MTI Wireless monitoring systems, demonstrating its versatility. This integration was pivotal in retrofitting older machines, which were previously unmonitored, enabling them to transmit operational data in real-time. The Snap Signal technology broadened the scope of monitoring, allowing real-time data access from anywhere, at any time, instilling higher operational confidence.

The solution not only provided real-time remote monitoring but also allowed for prompt alerts and preventive measures, significantly reducing the risk of part damage due to overbaking. The success of this implementation is leading to its rollout across three additional ovens, further extending the monitoring scope and enhancing operational safety.

This case study underscores the value of Snap Signal technology in augmenting oven monitoring capabilities, demonstrating its seamless integration with MTI Wireless systems. It also highlights a clear pathway toward leveraging this technology for broader operational insights, improved safety measures, and enhanced confidence in managing older, previously unmonitored equipment.