Snap Signal

Snap Signal setup by MTI Wireless Monitoring

What is Snap Signal?

Snap Signal is an easily deployable, complete portfolio of modular IIoT hardware and software that delivers actionable machine data across your factory. Beyond just another flavor of IIoT, Snap Signal is an overlay network that can capture data signals from virtually any source. It seamlessly converts these sources to a single industry-standard protocol, then distributes the data for quick and easy consumption. As a result, Snap Signal allows you to monitor critical equipment within one area or your whole facility.

MTI Wireless provides customized solutions for wireless data monitoring and analysis, including integrating Snap Signal technology from Banner Engineering. The integration process typically involves several steps, including:

Consultation: MTI Wireless will work closely with the customer to understand their specific monitoring needs, including the types of sensors and equipment to be monitored, the frequency of data collection, and the desired level of data analysis and reporting.

Sensor selection: Based on the customer’s needs, MTI Wireless will help select the appropriate sensors, including those that are compatible with Snap Signal technology. This may involve selecting sensors from Banner Engineering or other manufacturers.

Installation: MTI Wireless will work with the customer to install the sensors and Snap Signal I/O modules, as well as any other necessary equipment, such as wireless gateways or repeaters. Installation typically involves mounting the sensors and I/O modules in the appropriate locations, connecting the sensors to the I/O modules, and configuring the wireless network.

Data collection and analysis: Once the sensors and wireless network are installed and configured, MTI Wireless will begin collecting and analyzing data from the sensors. This may involve real-time monitoring of equipment health and longer-term trend analysis to identify patterns and potential issues.

Reporting: MTI Wireless will provide regular reports to the customer, summarizing the data collected and providing recommendations for maintenance or optimization based on the analysis.

Throughout the integration process, MTI Wireless will work closely with the customer to ensure that their monitoring needs are met and that the system functions optimally. This may involve troubleshooting any issues, adjusting the system as needed, and training the customer’s staff to use the system.

By integrating Snap Signal technology from Banner Engineering with their customized monitoring solutions, MTI Wireless can provide customers with a comprehensive and flexible system for monitoring their equipment performance, helping reduce downtime, optimize performance, and maximize profitability.