Vibration Monitoring Solutions

Detect Problems Early, Prevent Unexpected Downtime, and Plan Maintenance Efficiently.

Vibration condition-based monitoring (CBM) is utilized to detect and diagnose potential faults in machinery and equipment by monitoring their vibration patterns over time. Through analysis of vibration data from Banner sensors attached to the machinery, abnormal vibrations or changes in patterns are identified. This proactive maintenance strategy aims to prevent equipment failures, thereby reducing downtime, enhancing equipment reliability, and minimizing maintenance costs.

As a preferred integrator for Banner Wireless, MTI Wireless has designed a unique wireless monitoring system in collaboration with Banner’s development team. This system provides critical data and alerts to prevent catastrophic failures and unscheduled downtime.

In a world where supply chain issues and personnel shortages are common, unexpected downtime can be costly. MTI Wireless aids in monitoring and diagnosing your equipment, allowing for planned downtime before a critical failure occurs. Our wireless monitoring system serves as a vigilant watch over your equipment, day or night, enabling efficient utilization of maintenance personnel.

How Does Vibration Monitoring Work?

Vibration monitoring by MTI Wireless Monitoring
Vibration monitoring layout by MTI Wireless Monitoring

MTI Wireless Monitoring provides a comprehensive system for real-time vibration analysis, ensuring optimal health and performance of your equipment. Experience the benefits of reduced downtime and efficient maintenance planning with our tailored solutions.

Data Transmission

  • Operates in the 900mhz frequency band, transmitting data up to six miles line-of-site with no interference from cell phones or corporate Wi-Fi.
  • Utilizes Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) for secure data transmission.
  • Functions independently of your existing IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional IT support.

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Onsite vibration analysts strategically place sensors and nodes on your equipment for precise data gathering.
  • Wireless nodes securely relay data to the controller box, the heart of our wireless system, which then processes and uploads the data to a secure cloud environment.
  • Real-time trending, dashboards, and alarms provide a visual interface for effortless data analysis and timely notifications when alarm parameters are breached.

Increased Efficiency

  • Detect potential issues early to prevent unexpected downtime and efficiently plan maintenance activities.
  • Enhance overall equipment effectiveness by isolating defective equipment and processes.
  • Skilled analysts tailor the monitoring layout to fit your unique business needs, ensuring a seamless integration with your operations.

Take Control

Partner with MTI Wireless today to leverage the full potential of our wireless vibration monitoring system. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Secure the longevity and efficiency of your equipment with MTI Wireless Monitoring.

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